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Customers are able to refill their own containers or use biodegradable, recycled, paper bags provided to purchase grocery store products by weight; rice, pasta, cereals, spices, grains, pulses, dried fruits, nuts and seeds as well as body care and household cleaning products. We will also stock plastic alternative products such as bamboo reusable cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wraps, reusable straws and storage containers for the home. To aid convenience we will be offering an online order service​ for collection. The concept empowers and enables the consumer to purchase at a competitive price with less waste, bringing authenticity back to high street grocery shopping by ultimately replicating the older style with a new modern twist.

Shop... Zero Waste


As defined by, zero waste is about significantly reducing, and eventually completely eliminating, the amount of stuff that we send to disposal by ultimately reducing, reusing and recycling which is The Refill Store ethos.

The Refill Store
Plastic Free Products
Refill Store Shopping Bags
Refill Household Cleaning Products
Lemon Street Market Truro
The Refill Store Truro
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The Refill Store Leon Street Market
Coffee from the Refill Store Truro
Plastic Free Truro
Refill Store Herbs & Spices Rack
The Refill Store Truro
Storage Containers for Shopping
The Refill Store Lemon Street Market
Refill Toiletries
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The Refill Store Truro
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Refill Store, Truro, Plastic Free
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Refill Herbs & Spices
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