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Cornish Coffee signature blend, Hand roasted in Cornwall. Decaf columbian Pitalito. Taste - Dark chocolate, Caramel and orange. 


It is sugarcane EA processed, rather than the usual swiss water process. These coffees are sourced green by cafe importers prior to decaffination, breaking from the industy norm, By doing this process they can provide the highest quality water and E.A. (sugar cane) processed products available.  


A note about allergens: While we take all precautions, due to the open nature of our shop enviroment, we cannot guarantee against cross containation of allergens. If you are unsure about any of our products or processes, please get in touch. 

Decaf Coffee Beans

100 Grams
  • Quantity 1 = 100g

    Quantity 2 = 200g

    Quantity 3 = 300g

    Quantity 4 = 400g

    Quantity 5 = 500g 

    Quantity 10 = 1kg 

    Quantity 15 = 1.5kg

    Quantity 20 = 2kg 

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