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Bring any clean containers you like: bread/bagel bags are fantastic, Tupperware, jars, bottles.

• We stock a variety of different sized jars and bottles to purchase or use our paper bags and either reuse them, pop them in the recycling or compost bin.

• Please bring your containers to the till before you start filling so that we can record the tare weight of your container in chalk pen.


Remember: Please wash your containers thoroughly before refilling. The ReFill Store will not accept any liability for any contamination after products have been decanted into customers’ own containers.

Toiletries & Bodycare

Toiletries & Bodycare

Household & Cleaning Products
Household & Cleaning
Product List & Prices

Below is a list of our full product range and prices. You can  download this form to print as a pdf below or click the P.


Complete your order form and email it back to us at: and we will have your order ready to collect from our store by 4pm. 

Alternatively you can always message us on Facebook or just email us with what you would like and we will have it made up for after 4pm when the car park is free.

Payment will be taken on collection of your order from our store.  

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